Local Elections – May 2nd, 2019


…and It’s a chance we only get every 4 years.


 4 Reasons why you should Vote Labour in Waverley


1. We need alternative voices

At the last full election, Labour, LibDems and Greens got 31% of the vote and zero councillors. As a result, every decision by the Conservatives leadership is complacently nodded through, and Waverley defers to Tory-dominated Surrey County Council, who defer to the chaotic Tory Government with their 11 Tory Surrey MPs.

The local elections give you a chance to send a message. One-party rule is bad for Waverley, and bad for residents. It’s even bad for the Tories – because everyone benefits from hearing some challenging voices. Vote Labour – for challenge and change.

2. A Voice for genuinely affordable Housing

Waverley is quietly plundering the Green Belt but misses its housing targets year after year. Because of their local monopoly on power the Tories have been able quietly to lift great chunks of land out of the Green Belt and approved controversial building developments like Ockford Ridge – 250+ expensive homes with no proper roads or drainage planned.

We need a fair share for genuinely affordable social housing – so the next generation doesn’t need to go far away when they leave home. Vote Labour – for fair housing choice.

3. A Voice for local investment

Surrey gets nearly £300m/year “to bolster local services”, which it invests outside the county. Waverley placidly accepts getting none of it. And yet austerity is biting here too: childcare, libraries, public toilets, traffic lights, road maintenance, youth services, recycling, care for the elderly and disabled and mentally fragile are all in tatters.

Schools across the borough are still under-resourced and under threat. Now irreplaceable facilities like The Wharf Nursery are threatened with closure. But now the Tories plan to use your taxes in “investments in commercial properties” – which again may not even be local.

Why isn’t our area getting our fair share? Vote Labour – for councillors who stand up for Waverley.

4. A Voice for the Environment

Slashing green belt. Closing recycling centres. Withdrawing grants for photovoltaic cells and fuel efficiency. Welcoming fracking. All in one of the greenest counties in Britain. Why aren’t our councils proud of our environment and working to protect it?

Vote Labour – for councillors who put the green case with conviction.

We will be canvassing from now until polling day.

Want to get involved? Mail us at info@swsurreylabour.org.uk

Constituency meeting dates

We meet on the 4th Thursday of every month at 8:00pm at the Deninngberg Centre, 36 Bridge St, Godalming, Surrey GU7 1HP.

Upcoming meeting dates for 2019:

March 28th

April 25th

May 23rd

All members are welcome to attend, there are biscuits!

To find out more about our activities like our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/swsurreylabour/ and follow us on twitter @swslabour

You can contact us at info@swsurreylabour.org.uk