Labour is making the difference

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and on behalf of the Labour Party, we’d like to wish you a Happy New Year.

2023 promises to be difficult. The devastating impact of almost 13 years of Tory misrule is all around us – in the NHS and other investment-starved public services; in the disastrously privatised water and over-priced energy companies; and in our crumbling economy. In Surrey as elsewhere in the UK, we are all affected by the rising cost of living. Local families are struggling, and poverty is increasing.

One bright spot has been the impact that Labour has made on Waverley Council and the local town councils. Since they were elected at the last elections, our four councillors have succeeded in promoting Labour priorities and values, forcing the council to expand youth services, providing support for the poorest and protecting the environment.

We need your help to strengthen Labour’s voice in 2023

This May we plan to stand Labour candidates in the local elections right across the borough. Our objective is to strengthen Labour’s voice on the council and use it as a springboard for the next general election. Remember, changes to the constituency boundaries will transform our prospects of getting rid of our hapless Tory MP, Jeremy Hunt.

Why not join us?